Maharana Mewar Annual Awards

Bhamashah Award
estd. 1984

Bhamashah originally came from the state of Alwar, and belonged to the Kavadia Oswal Jain community. After the famous battle of Khanwar fought between Rana Sanga, and Babar, who founded the Mughal dynasty in India, Bhamashah, along with a number of supporters returned home with Rana Sanga, to Chittorgarh.

Bhamashah distinguished himself in the field of battle at Haldi Ghati. Rana Pratap elevated him to the post of Prime Minister. In the decades to come, Bhanshah's family remained closely associated with the House of Mewar. His son, Jeewanshah and his grandson, Akshairaj were also appointed as Prime Minister's by their Maharanas - Rana Amar Singh and Rana Karan Singh, respectively.

Bhamashah was a loyal and trusted treasurer for Rana Pratap. His responsibility was to keep the treasury secure and provide funds for battle, whenever required. It was in this capacity, that Bhamashah came to the rescue of Rana Pratap on a number of occasions, when the protection and honour of Mewar was at stake.

The Bhamashah Award is a State Award. This award was instituted to honour students achieving the top position by securing the highest percentage in select facilities from amongst all the universities of Rajasthan, in recognition of selfless sacrifice, astute financial management, and devotion to duty.

The Annual State Award consists of:

  • Cash award of Rs. 2001/- 
  • A commemorative medal
  • Merit certificate
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