Maharana Mewar Annual Awards

Dagar Gharana Award
estd. 1981

Dhrupad and Dhammar are a very ancient style of gayaki (music scales), which occupies an important place in the world of Indian classical music. Ustad (maestro) Ruidas Dagar was the first known exponent of this form of gayaki. He gained fame and exposure in the courts of the Mughal emperors. His successors continued to perform and adopted the scales of Dhrupad and Dhammar as their personal style. This has been the pattern for almost twenty-one generations of descendants of Ustad Ruidas Dagar. Excellence continues, to this day.

Dhrupad singing is also known as temple music - or music refined enough for the ear of God. It contains all the "Nav Rasas" or nine scales. The singer, while expounding his music, gets the audience involved through the ecstasy of his devotion. His objective is to merge the soul of his audience, with that of the eternal, lulling the mind towards tranquillity and complete peace of mind. Distinguished exponents of music maintain that striking a note in absolute and total perfection creates a feeling of nirvana.

The Dagar family first migrated to Jaipur from Delhi and during the reign of Maharana Sajjan Singhji made Udaipur their permanent home. They were given great respect, and provided full patronage to continue their music in the Court of Mewar. The Dagar family continues their path of excellence in this chosen field.

The Dagar Gharana Award is a State Award, named after the illustrious House of Dagar who made Dhrupad and Dhammar gayaki, their personal symbol of excellence in the field of Indian Classical Music. This award was instituted to honour musicians for work of permanent value to society through their achievements in the field of Indian classical music, Rajasthani folk dance and folk music.

The Annual State Award consists of:

  • Cash award of Rs. 10,001/- or two cash awards of Rs. 5001/- each
  • A silver "Toran" plaque of honour
  • A ceremonial shawl
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