Maharana Mewar Annual Awards

Maharana Mewar Award
estd. 1981

Since the time of Bappa Rawal's coronation as first Diwan of Shri Eklingji, all subsequent Maharanas of Mewar have considered it their proud privilege to uphold this mantle. The Maharanas are custodians of the State, and serve as spiritual and temporal chieftains of Mewar.

With the amalgamation of the erstwhile sovereign states in 1947 and subsequent constitutional amendment of 1971, His late Highness Maharana Bhagwat Singhji Mewar felt that the duties of the Maharana, towards his people, should continue despite the cessation of his State. The functions and duties based on Vedic principles, first outlined by Harit Rashi and honoured by all subsequent Maharanas, had to be institutionalised in order to preserve them.

Under the changed circumstances, in order to continue and immortalise the duties of a Maharana, Bhagwat Singhji had to reshape the role of Maharana, within the Four Corners of the law. He had to find new ways to enable both himself and the succeeding generations of Maharanas to continue to perform their duties in perpetuity as Diwan of Shri Eklingji. And so he converted the institution of Maharana into a juristic person despite the constitutional rulings of 1947 and 1971. No law or constitution can debar man from performing his duties to serve society. Thanks to the foresight of Maharana Bhagwat Singhji, in contemporary times, the institution of Mewar still remains a manifestation of rulership, in its original form of trusteeship.

The Maharana Mewar Award is a State Award. This award has been instituted to honour work of permanent value to those who consider it their duty, like the Diwan of Shri Eklingji still do, to benefit society through services in the field of education, literature, social services, philanthropy and character building activities.

The Annual State Award consists of:

  • Cash award of Rs. 12,001/-
  • A silver "Toran" plaque of honour
  • A ceremonial shawl
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