Maharana Mewar Annual Awards

Rana Punja Award
estd. 1986

Rana Punja was the chief of the Bhil tribesman, and one of the most trusted and respected leaders who fought along the side of Rana Pratap, in the famous battle of Haldi Ghati (1576 AD). Even after the battle of Haldi Ghati, Rana Punja and his tribesman came forward time and time again, to fight for the freedom of Mewar. 

Rana Punja and his fellow Bhils were the first tribals to be given equal status as any other citizen in the State of Mewar - a unique first in the history of India. This goes to show that for centuries, Mewar has firmly believed in equality amongst men.

Because of such selfless devotion and loyalty, the name of Punja was given a prefix 'Rana' which is the original form of address for the Maharana himself. The entire Bhil tribe, even today, is highly regarded by the citizens and the Mewar family. At the time of succession, a Bhil tribesman must honour the new Maharana with a tilak (marking on the forehead) of his own blood. It is only then that the new Maharana will be universally recognised as successor.

The Bhils are also represented on the Mewar Coat of Arms, standing side by side. This is a true honour, indeed.

The Rana Punja Award is a State Award. This award was instituted to honour works of permanent value to society by a person of tribal origin in commemoration of the mutual trust and continue association between the Bhil tribesman and the House of Mewar.

The Annual State Award consists of:

  • Cash award of Rs. 10,001/- or two cash awards of Rs. 5001/- each
  • A silver "Toran" plaque of honour
  • A ceremonial shawl
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