Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust

The Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust is a subsidiary trust of the Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation. It came into existence, under the guidance of His Late Highness Maharana Bhagwat Singhji, in the early 1970's. The main objectives of the Trust are to encourage research work in areas as diverse as Indian history, culture, indigenous languages and literature. Young and aspiring writers are sponsored and financial assistance is also bestowed. The Trust publishes books of works which are not necessarily commercially viable but are of permanent value which uplift and enlighten society. Written works even in the form of pamphlets and periodicals are published. Lectures, discourses and seminars are also encouraged. This trust has financed the publishing of new work, and also re-issued important books (that had gone out of print), so as to make them readily available to scholars. The maintenance and dissemination of Indian culture is the primary focus of the Trust.

The Trust oversees seven categories of writings.

A. Own Publications - These books have been commissioned by the Trust. Primarily in Rajasthani, they cover a diverse range of topics. These include books on history, Yoga, treatises by famous historic personalities and Islamic poetry. Since its inception in 1980, the Trust under this division has published over 35 volumes.

B. Financial Assistance offered for the Publication of Books - When books already underway run into financial trouble, the trust can step in to offer assistance. The criteria are stringent. The Books must be deemed worthy and should be seen to benefit the public at large. The subject of these books should also relate to local issues - Rajasthan should be the main focus. The Trust has thus far subsidised over 70 publications.

C. Financial Assistance for Research Works - offers aid to scholars who have written on assorted topics related to Rajasthan and Mewar particularly. History, architecture, paintings and even research work on botany has been published under the Trusts patronage. Since 1970, 12 papers have been issued.

D. Financial Aid for presentation of papers in National and International Forums - scholars from Udaipur in particular, and Rajasthan in general have been subsidised whence attending conferences and seminars outside their cities. Medical conferences, Geographical seminars, Biochemist meetings, Ethnological conferences are some examples in the vast scope of symposia already covered. Since 1983, 21 persons have been subsidised to attend seminars in countries ranging from Germany to UK, Hungary, Japan and India.

E. Poster Publications - Posters have also been printed under the auspices of the Trust. Salient features of life among the people of Mewar are the subjects - the family tree of the rulers of Mewar, posters of Lord Ganesha, posters of Maharana Pratap are some examples. Since 1987, 10 batches of posters have been printed by the Trust.

F. Shri Mewar Vijay Panchang Published - since 1988, the Shri Mewar Vijay Panchang has undergone 12 re-prints. An entire category is devoted to the upkeep of this treatise.

G. Annual Calendar - a calendar with a particular theme is published every year. The publications first commenced in 1987, and since then, the themes have documented the incumbents of the House of Mewar, in culturally motivating photographic splendour. Some prominent examples are - Crest of the House of Mewar and the four Maharanas in the 20th century, Eklingji and the five prominent religious places of Mewar, distinguished warriors who fought for the honour of Mewar, genealogical Tree of the Sun Dynasty, and Coins used in the former State of Mewar.

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